Auxiliary for many sectors of industries, e.g. the chemical industry and industrial chemicals.

Product Description :-
Yellowish green, viscous liquid with chlorine-like odor.

Forms supplied and packaging :-
Supplied as an aqueous solution having an active chlorine content of 172 - 182 g / l by tank truck or tank car.

Properties :-
Sodium hypochlorite solution solidifies at temperatures between - 20 und - 30 °C to form a crystalline mass. It decomposes slowly during storage with formation of oxygen. The rate of decomposition is highly dependent on the storage temperature. UV light also causes marked decomposition. Reactions, especially with organic compounds, can proceed very violently. Many metals including stainless steel are attacked by soda bleaching lye.

Storage and Transport :-
Sodium hypochlorite solution is shipped at low temperature (below 18 °C) in lined tank trucks and railroad tank cars and on arrival should be unloaded as quickly as possible and stored in a cool place. Especially in summer weather the product reaches temperatures of about 30 - 35 °C after as few as 4 days in a railroad tank car; this results in a decrease in the active chlorine content by approximately 6 % per day. Store in a cool place which is protected against sunlight. Due to the evolution of oxygen the tanks must be safeguarded against excess pressure. Good ventilation and venting should be provided in the storage areas.

Applications :-
Chemical industry and industrial chemicals: For bleaching paper stock, pulp, textiles, bristles, straw and basketwork. For chlorinating swimming pools.
In electroplating: For detoxifying waste water containing cyanide.
As an oxidizing agent.
For cleaning and disinfecting.

Safety :-
Causes burns. Contact with acids liberates toxic gases (chlorine).
During the handling of this product the data and reference in the safety data sheet are to be considered. In addition the necessary caution and good industrial hygiene while handling chemicals have to been kept.

Applications :-