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Advantages of using SYNPOL-PAC


Uses in Paper Industries

Paper manufacture - Used as a rosin sizing control in Neutral and alkaline paper Production affects the Drainage of liquor from the paper. SYNPOL POLY ALUMINIUM CHLORIDE roducts offer many advantages for pulp and paper manufacture. Their range of applications xtends from process water and effluent treatment to paper making processes. The effectiveness of PAC compared to traditional coagulants like alum means that good results can be seen, even a low dosage levels. In papermaking operations, SYNPOL PAC is useful as a fixative to control anionic substances and as a retention / drainage aid.The benefits of SYNPOL PAC in paper making applications are:-

• Superior control of anionic substances in the furnish.
• Minimization of deposits in critical areas of the machine due to pitch, stickiest etc.
• Simple management of the wet end chemistry.
• Improved filler and fines retention.
• Improved paper quality.
• Improved drainage and machine speed.
• Reduction in downtime due to improved run ability.
• Provides a powerful two part system in conjunction with high molecular weight
• Polymers for retention and for save-all operations.
• Reduction in the use of other wet end additives such as size chemicals, retention
• Polymers and starch.
• Contributes less acidity to the mill water because it has been pre-hydrolyzed.
• Can be used with calcium carbonate fillers and neutral size additives because of
• The higher pH conditions in which it functions.
• A more rapid formation of the alumina species than alum is achieved - important
• in high speed operations.
• Does not contain sulphate ion and consequently eliminates a potential discharge
• problem from this source.
• Reduces the discharged load to the wastewater treatment plant.
Beneficial in the wastewater treatment process as a single or multi- component system for improved water quality, sludge handling and nutrient removal in clarification, flotation and sludge de-watering systems and the like.

Also very effective for coagulation of difficult coloured substances and chromospheres that contaminate the effluent from pulp mill bleaching operations

2. More effective than other products in the market.
3. 20% less consumption in quantity so saving in cost.
4. BOD, COD, pH and suspended solid is well controlled by SYNPOL-PAC as compared to others.
5. Flock made after using SYNPOL-PAC is much greater and higher than other products.
6. Sulphate content is negligible hence sludge formation is nil.
7. Our factory is situated at sanand, 35 kms away from Ahmedabad, Gujarat.
8. Prompt action and service of our qualified and trained personnel.
9. Self transportation.
10. We can deliver material within 16 hours of placing of purchase order.

Turbit Water Turbit Water + PAC Clean Water

Advantages of using SYNPOL PAC rather then ALUM

Why to purchase SYNPOL-PAC rather than Alum ?

  • Purifies water and effluent is better.
  • With less quantity which is universally proved.
  • No sludge is formed or carried.
  • No use of lime along with SYNPOL-PAC while with Alum is necessary.
  • Safer to health.
  • Consistency of quality.
  • Alum is made from ore which can contain any type of hazardous metal whereas SYNPOL-PAC is safe.

Comparision of SYNPOL-PAC and Aluminium Sulphate (ALUM)

  Aluminium Sulphate
  Consumption   Low Quantity   High Quantity
  Price   Favourable   Favourable
  Reduction in pH   Moderate   High
  Acid fraction   Moderate   High
  Salinity of system   Low   High
  COD,BOD reduction   High   Low
  Gypsum formation   Nil   Formation of Gypsum at   the bottom of system
  CO2 development   Nil   Yes
  CSB reduction   Very Good   Low
  Sludge formation of SO4   Nil   High

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